Goulds Water Technology (GWT), has expanded its Aquavar e-ABII booster package line for residential and commercial applications to include a NSF-certified lead-free package that operates with HSC multi-stage pump hydraulics.

The new package comes standard with a pressure transducer, cable, controller and the choice of 115-volt or 230-volt electrical supply options for seamless installation. To offset any poor system pressure concerns, a performance of 40 gallons per minute (gpm), with a pressure boost range to 90 psi can be achieved.

The Aquavar e-ABII booster package with HSC multi-stage pump hydraulics is designed for municipal water district customers with low water pressure, or those customers drawing water from a storage tank who want continuous water pressure, even when demand is high. As water use increases at the end user level, the GWT Aquavar e-ABII changes pump speed to ensure the municipal line pressure remains constant. This eliminates the need for large supply tanks and saves up to 50 percent of the energy required by a full-speed pump.

The booster package is available in one, two and three horsepower. One- and two-horsepower packages come standard with a GWT Aquavar e-ABII drive and tank, and are wired by GWT. Three-horsepower packages are supplied with a GWT Aquavar drive. All booster packages contain a pressure transducer.

Goulds Water Technology manufactures centrifugal and turbine pumps, controllers, variable frequency drives, and accessories for agricultural, building trades, commercial and light industrial water and wastewater applications. To learn more, go to www.goulds.com.