Melfred Borzall’s FastBack system for horizontal directional drilling (HDD) jobs is designed to direct pullbacks without removing the drill head or installing a back reamer. The system is especially useful for fiber installation, where access is a concern, and for short installations and service drops.

FastBack allows drillers to complete several bores a day and multiple duct installations. The FastReam housing is used in place of a reamer to enlarge the hole during pullback. Once the pilot bore is complete, the FastReam cutter blocks attach to the housing, the applicable swivel is attached to the bit or blade using the FastBack system, pullers and product are attached, and then the driller can initiate pullback.

The FastBack system works with a variety of bit configurations, including two hard soil bits — the Eagle Claw and the Iron Fist — and any Borzall blade. The Eagle Eye is attached to the hard soil bits along with a clevis type swivel. The Quick Swivel is used on any Borzall blade for direct pullbacks. The Quick Link attachment is offered when drillers already have a Borzall blade and swivel.

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