Okay, I have to admit that five years ago, had anyone mentioned the term “drilling,” I would have assumed they were referring to some sort of DIY project. It’s safe to say that my initial, more youthful intentions were very different back then from what they are today. It all started with Halco Rock Tools. I was offered a position in the marketing department and my career took an unexpected but incredible turn from that point on.

The majority of projects I’ve dealt with have been in the supply of rock drilling consumables, learning best practices in the office and developing my drilling experience in the only place that matters — out in the field. I have lived in a shipping container in China, survived the extreme heat of Saudi Arabia and endured the frozen Rocky Mountains in winter. As you all know, there are some real perks to the job.

Being called out regularly to drill sites at 3 a.m. and otherwise spending five years listening to drillers explain their requirements, limitations and expectations has made me aware that there are a lot of products in the marketplace, but no one coherent distribution channel. That’s where the idea for Ibbotson Drilling Services Ltd. (IDS) comes from. A simple change to the industry could bring about so many benefits.

Drillers today require a complete product and service package to ensure successful drilling and tooling selections for any particular job. IDS supplies a range of premium brands and our own branded products across the United States and overseas. We offer the best drilling consumables and accessories in the market, with the right drill bit to tackle any challenge you want to throw at me — regardless of the ground formation.

Is it a risky decision given the current market conditions? Possibly. However, I believe that the distribution, servicing and customer relationship model we offer is a meaningful and valuable addition to the drilling industry.

So what do we supply? Down-the-hole hammers, bits, rods, tricones, coring products, augers and more. We are currently running U.K.-manufactured Super Dominator 450 4-inch DTH hammers and drill bits in a number of aggregate quarries around the world. Some of these quarries have a high silica content, presenting challenging abrasive formations for drilling. We have even increased production on a particular site by 35 percent compared to the previous supplier. I am also working on a number of under-balanced drilling (UBD) air opportunities within the oilfield industry. We will be looking to spud a well in the early part of 2017.

I have recently been approached by some major drill rig manufacturers and capital equipment suppliers to deliver OEM consumables for their operations. This is an area which interests me greatly, as it offers an opportunity to get in on the ground level of some awesome and challenging projects. As we expand our U.S. industry presence, we will look to introduce new products and innovative market leading technologies. I want to ensure that we make a lasting impression within the industry, and I will always strive to offer the best products and service we can. I am determined that IDS’s product portfolio will be wide enough to tackle a whole variety of drilling challenges from under one roof.

Who do we supply and where?

IDS has a growing number of customers around the globe. Having stock facilities in the U.K., Middle East, Africa, India and now our latest one in the U.S. is proving to be a real advantage in reducing lead times and servicing our clients’ needs. My strategy has been to focus on the drillers in the field and to ensure that we are always within touching distance of them and their projects. I am very pleased to tell you that in order to fulfill my passion, we are currently in the process of expanding our sales and distribution facilities across the U.S.

I am actively on the lookout for the next opportunity. If you’re established and wanting to expand your product portfolio in an ever evolving industry, you’re who we are looking for! Why not get in touch with me today, and join us on our journey?