Horizontal directional drill (HDD) developer Melfred Borzall has taken the design of the Excalibur blade and made the Rock Saw, a blade designed to perform in cobble conditions.

The Rock Saw maintains the same bull-nose design as the Excalibur, but features aggressive Ultra-Bit style conical carbide cutters arranged around the front of the blade for improved forward and side cutting abilities.

Closely spaced cutters, reinforced welds and chunky carbide hard-facing along the entire length of the blade reduce wear to help the blade last longer. The low profile and contoured back design minimize torque-stealing drag.

The Rock Saw is now available with dome shaped carbides for added durability. It is available in several sizes and bolt patterns to fit specific rig and job requirements.

Fred Melsheimer launched Melfred Welding and Manufacturing in 1946, designing and creating tools for its first horizontal directional drilling system. The company’s mission is to enable a more efficient, cost-effective means of installing utilities underground so utility contractors can be as productive and profitable as possible. For more information, visit www.melfredborzall.com.