The Deep Foundations Institute (DFI) Educational Trust, the charitable arm of DFI, recently awarded $24,000 in scholarships to students pursuing careers in civil, geotechnical or construction engineering.

In July, the DFI Educational Trust awarded seven $2,000 At-Large Scholarships to students at U.S universities and colleges. Recipients were Athina Gkrizi, Ph.D. candidate, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; Alessandra Hossley, senior, Oregon State University; Qiang Li, Ph.D. candidate, Oregon State University; Roberto Nevarez-Garibaldi, graduate student, Virginia Tech; Amanda Parry, graduate student, Tufts University; Bivian Reyes Mejia, Ph.D. candidate, University of Rhode Island; and Lauren Santullo, junior, The College of New Jersey.

Also in July, the trust awarded a $5,000 Thomas Wysockey Civil Engineering Scholarship to Tim Corcoran, graduate student at Northwestern University, and a $5,000 John O’Malley Scholarship to Scott Schmidt, graduate student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

The DFI Educational Trust manages 11 scholarship programs funded by endowments, donations and fundraising events. Eligibility requirements vary from program to program. However, in general, scholarships are awarded to full-time undergraduate students in excellent academic standing who demonstrate financial need and are pursuing studies in fields such as civil, geotechnical or construction engineering. Since 2006, the DFI Trust has awarded $620,000 in scholarships to more than 160 students.

The DFI is an international association of contractors, engineers, academics and suppliers in the deep foundations industry with more than 3,300 members worldwide. For more information about the Deep Foundations Institute, visit Donations to the DFI Educational Trust scholarship funds can be made online at