A new 3D magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) solution, the ImaCore 3017, is being introduced to the oil and gas sector for high-resolution rock core imaging. MR Solutions and Green Imaging Technologies are combining their technologies to bring a complete rock core imaging solution to the sector.

“We are always looking to develop our technologies, and by working with Green Imaging we were able to bring our existing MRI technology to the oil and gas sector,” says David Taylor, CEO of MR Solutions. “Green Imaging has been offering rock core analysis using NMR and MRI technologies for 10 years and has built an enviable reputation as the leading application experts in the field. For this reason it’s great to work together to offer a greatly improved complete imaging solution to that market.”

MR Solutions’ technology, including the latest 3D imaging pulse sequences, is combined with Green Imaging’s software products to provide an easy-to-use interface. It provides workflow management, easy calibration, system monitoring and end results in line with best practices for rock core analysis. The ImaCore system allows oil and gas sector customers to understand the complex mechanisms and processes happening within rock core samples and incorporate that understanding across entire reservoirs.

Traditionally, rock core analysis is an exercise in providing measured data, but equipment limitations can result in final analysis that involves using theories to understand what is happening at the pore level. The ImaCore 3017 will virtually remove these resolution limitations by allowing customers to bolster the theoretical with actual images of all the fluid present in the rock core sample, and thus the pore network.

Jill Green, Green Imaging’s CEO, describes the partnership with MRS as a win for both companies, “Together we can bring leading-edge technology to our customers to provide a solution that the oil and gas industry needs and wants.”

For the oil and gas exploration sector, MR Solution’s unique cryogen-free MRI imaging technology is highly versatile as the magnet field can be adjusted from 0.1T to 3.0T, depending on image requirements. Sample sizes can range from 1- to 4-inch diameters, and ample space is provided for pressure and flow cells, allowing users to make measurements at reservoir conditions and to perform high-resolution flow studies.

MR Solutions has more than 30 years of experience in the development of MRI. The ImaCore system is being offered to all major oil producers, oil and gas service companies and researchers in the field of rock core analysis. To learn more about the company, go to www.mrsolutions.com.

Green Imaging Technologies specializes in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) solutions for special core analysis in the petroleum sector. GIT Systems software provides analysis of core plugs and is a proven asset in reservoir characterization. Reservoir properties such as capillary pressure, porosity, bound water, wettability and relative permeability can all be measured or modeled from rapidly acquired data. To learn more, visit www.greenimaging.com.