Boart Longyear has designed a next-generation underground coring rig with advanced mobility. The MDR700 is powerful and utilizes Boart Longyear underground exploration technology like the LM 700 feed frame.

Wide Drilling Angles
The design of the integrated positioner and turntable offers wide drilling angles and impressive reach to make positioning and drilling a series of boreholes easier. The rig features sophisticated articulations with three turning points. The MDR700 also allows for drilling in a spherical manner without having to reposition the unit.

Simple Setup, Operation and Maintenance
Setup is quick and easy with the fully hydraulic positioning system and handheld remote controller. Rig moves are faster and easier with the four-wheel-drive, diesel-engine-powered Manitou carrier. Operating the MDR700 and the rod handler is meant to be smooth and easy when paired with the optional Drill Control Interface (DCi). The machine’s maintenance-friendly layout provides easy access for hydraulic servicing.

Advanced Mobility
The mobility of the new MDR700 is a time-saver when moving from borehole to borehole using an agile Manitou carrier. In a study where the rig was moved547 yards, the average time to move it from one borehole to another proved to be 80-percent faster than a typical underground exploration rig.

The carrier features three available steering modes: four-wheel, two-wheel and crab-like movement. The steering modes make maneuvering the rig underground easier and faster. The four-wheel steering allows for better turning radius in restricted spaces, the two-wheel steering is for on-road driving, and the crab-like movement makes the carrier agile for lateral approaches and delicate exits. The MDR700 rig is easy to navigate and can move at up to six miles per hour. For improved visibility and safety, multiple cameras are located on the rig and viewed/monitored from the cabin of the carrier.

The MDR700 is powered by a 90kW electric motor and features the Boart Longyear LM 700 feed frame delivering 81.4kN of pullback. It also features a breakout system on the rotation unit that uses high-pressure oil and gear rack assistance to effortlessly break rod joints.

Engineered Safety Controls
The MDR700's engineered safety controls include a dual emergency braking system and an engine fire suppression system to meet the most advanced underground mine standards. The spring-close and hydraulic open rod clamp ensures fail-safe operation in case of a burst hose or power loss.

The rig also features a patented rod handler and optional Dci, which offers semi-automated drilling, rod feed and pull functions and controls while controlling both the rod handler and the rig.

The rod handler is designed for ease-of use, versatility, and safety. Utilizing innovative high-capacity springs acting on three tungsten-carbide insert jaws, the rod handler isolates the driller from the hazards of manual rod handling. Smart hydraulics provide synchronized control between the rotation unit and the foot clamp for faster and safer rod handling.

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