Solinst Canada has updated the probes for their Model 102 Water Level Meters. The water level meters feature narrow diameter coaxial cable and probes for accurate manual depth to water measurements in tight spaces.

The newly-designed P4 Probe is the narrowest probe design yet. Its stainless steel body is only 0.157 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches in length. It is designed to easily access the channels of a Solinst Model 403 CMT Multilevel System. It can fit alongside a narrow pump in the same CMT channel. The P4 Probe is ideal for other narrow monitoring applications, such as in narrow diameter piezometers or open tubes.

The new P10 Probe is also stainless steel, but is 3/8 inches in diameter and features 10 segmented stainless steel weights for flexibility. The design is ideal for greater depths and for more easily getting around down-well instruments or other restrictions.

Both new probes feature a recessed probe tip, which helps eliminate false readings in cascading water. Both probes are available as options on standard 102 Water Level Meters, with lengths up to 1000 feet, as well as the compact Model 102M Mini Water Level Meter, with 80-foot cable lengths.

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