Pentair Flow & Filtration Solutions is introducing what it calls a new standard in pump performance and reliability with the launch of its upstaged Four Inch Submersible Pumps. The new line is intended to provide customers with 20-percent higher performance on average.

“Pentair’s new upstaged Four Inch Submersible Pumps provide customers with more performance for their money,” says Taylor Crenshaw, product manager, Pentair Flow & Filtration Solutions – Water Solutions. “With the new upstaged Four Inch Submersible Pumps, customers get the benefit of covering more applications with the same product, at the same horsepower as before.”

The power of the Pentek XE Series motor played a key role in allowing Pentair engineers to add additional stages and achieve increased performance. Increased staging across many of Pentair’s ½-  and 1 ½-horsepower  pumps means that customers can enjoy greater performance, with heads to 800 feet and flows up to 27 gallons.

In addition, advancements in Pentair’s JP Series Four Inch Submersible Pump technology and design, including a stronger discharge and added spring-loaded check valve, add up to a higher quality pump.

Pentair is offering an online resource tool that provides reference information and helps customers visualize the advantages of the new pumps. The tool can be accessed at