ARDCO’s new K 4x4 is a versatile off-road transportation platform that can be outfitted to accomplish an array of tasks. With six standard models and the option for customization to the end user’s unique specifications, it is a great fit for jobs well off the beaten path.

Standard features across the K 4x4 lineup include a Cummins QSB 4.5-liter diesel engine — a high-torque unit with 160 horsepower at 2,500 RPM and ample power to get to and from backwater locales. The heavy-duty five-speed transmission — five forward, one reverse — includes synchromesh gears and a 14-inch clutch. A two-speed transfer case delivers torque to the wheels, and features a front-axle disconnect to shift between two- and four-wheel drive.

Its axles are rigid-mounted to the frame and the front axle includes a no-spin feature that keeps full power running to both tires. Other noteworthy attributes include fully enclosed inboard wet-disc brakes, a high-strength tubular steel frame and 66 x 43 12-ply tires for durability, traction and floatation. A driver-controlled differential lock on the front and rear axles is optional.

Several configurations are available:

  • C-1000 Drill: An industry standard for geophysical, geothermal and geotechnical drilling, its 16-foot mast is welded tubular steel designed to use 10-foot drill pipe. Other features include a hydraulic rotary assembly, draw-works, mud pump, hole loader, pipe rack, headache rack and a direct-drive three-stage hydraulic system.
  • Water Tank: Made to haul water to drilling crews or suppress dust on a remote work site. With 6-millimeter square steel holding tanks available from 500 gallons to 1,400 gallons, the K 4x4 can tote water wherever it is needed.
  • Fuel Tank: Features the same 6-millimeter square steel construction as the water tank, but with a 500-millimeter manhole on the top for convenient access. A 40 gpm hydraulically driven pump efficiently transfers fuel from the tank to the rest of the fleet.
  • Utility Bed: Commonly used for geophone and similar applications, it’s set up with everything utility crews need to haul equipment, cable and supplies. One side of the steel cage is equipped with 18-inch cable hooks, an ideal place to store geophone cable. Side and rear ladders offer easy access to the bed and cable hook.
  • Personnel Carrier: TheROPS-certified all-terrain transit machine can safely transport up to 14 people to and from jobsites. Choose from open-air or enclosed climate-controlled cabs with standard or premium seating choices. A variety of options are available to meet specific transportation needs. All come standard with premium safety harnesses.
  • Flat Bed:With a 15,000-pound capacity, it will haul equipment almost anywhere. Its bed is 100 inches wide, 120 inches long and it sits 75 inches above ground level.

ARDCO is part of the Pettibone LLC Heavy Equipment Group. Founded in 1955, ARDCO has become widely used for off-road equipment. What started as 4x4 buggies has transformed into a full line of wheeled, tracked, amphibious and water boat carriers equipped with platforms designed for a variety of hauling, drilling and other remote-area applications. For more information, visit