BBA Pumps is rolling out the new BA100K 4-inch dewatering pump set. The diesel-driven 4-inch solids handling pump combines dependable performance, low-cost maintenance and minimal exhaust emissions.

The compact, dry self-priming dewatering and sewage pump has a capacity of more than 190 m3/hour and a maximum head of 22 mwc. In addition to the large free passage of 82 millimeters, the unit is driven by a single-cylinder engine with a maximum fuel consumption of 1.75 liters/hour.

Thanks to DriveOn technology, the service interval for the new BA100K has increased from 500 operational hours normal for standard engines to 1,500 hours. Changing oil and replacing filters has also become much easier. Key DriveOn features include 65-percent less maintenance to the diesel engine, 25 percent savings in engine oil and ideal physical working conditions during maintenance.

The RF system, an exhaust module developed by BBA, adds the capability to equip the pump with an optional soot filter/catalytic module. This option reduces the exhaust emission to virtually zero, giving more flexibility to the end user and allowing the new BA100K pump to be used in more locations.

 Other features include a durable sound-attenuated canopy, versatility and a four-year manufacturer’s warrantee.

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