eDrilling, a provider of drilling and well performance solutions, is adding Geosteering capabilities to its wellSIM.

wellSIM is a dynamic downhole simulator, allowing for integration of client specific well data in early well planning. Responding to a need from energy companies with a significant number of extended reach wells and long horizontal sections demanding high precision geosteering in the reservoirs, eDrilling has developed a module to wellSIM allowing for reservoir geosteering based on MWD logs, biostrat, pressure points and drilling parameters.

“Now you can do upfront geosteering training in a simulator before the geoscience staff are faced with real-time decision making while drilling expensive long horizontals reservoir sections,” says Rolv Rommetveit, eDrilling CTO.

wellSIM is an integral part of the eDrilling Life Cycle Drilling Simulation concept. The dynamic drilling models and diagnosis technology are merged with 3D visualization into a “virtual wellbore”.   The simulator is aimed at challenging drilling and well operations, including high pressure-high temperature wells, through tubing rotary drilling, extended reach drilling, managed pressure drilling and dual gradient drilling.

eDrilling is a world leading provider of drilling and well performance solutions. The company works closely with E&P companies, operators and service companies to help them save cost, improve safety, and increase efficiency of drilling operations through one solution with mathematical models developed, tested and verified more 20 years. For more information, visit www.edrillingsolutions.com.