Baker Hughes is furthering fracking techniques with the launch of its new REAL Connect Service. At a time when the costs of hydraulic fracturing are challenged by more conventional drilling methods, the new technology promises more bang for the fracking industry’s buck.

In a nutshell, REAL Connect makes for more return at a given well site by leading frack fluid to untreated perforation clusters and keeping the wellbore wide open for long-lasting production flow paths.

“The REAL Connect service leverages our proprietary REAL Divert Complete system to deliver effective, efficient and productive diversion, minimizing the risk of collapsed or choked hydrocarbon pathways,” says Baker Hughes Vice President of Production Enhancement, Brad Baker. “In addition, the system’s diversion materials remain degradable and soluble in both hydrocarbon and water-based fluids so they clean up after the stimulation treatment.”

Baker Hughes’ new technology can increase the efficiency of hydraulic fracturing by reducing the number of required plugs and opening the door to more re-fracking opportunities on existing wells.

It’s helped an operator in De Soto Parish, La., retrieve product from already-fracked mature wells that were reaching the low end of return. Baker Hughes put together a re-fracturing program using the REAL Connect service to isolate existing fracture networks and redirect fluids to untapped shale zones.

The outcome was increased ultimate recovery from the wells, which lessened the need to pour money into drilling new wells. The operators are estimated to have saved $7 million per well.

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