DSL has designed an e-learning training course for drillers on how to properly inspect and maintain drilling equipment.

The new course is an effort to increase drill crew competency for drillers on API 4G Cat I and II Drilling Structure visual inspections of rigs. It aims to arm drillers with knowledge about the current condition of their structure and guidance on planning for corrective action and emergencies. The course covers both onshore and offshore rigs.

The course, which will be available in various languages, typically takes 5-6 hours to complete. It covers fatigue/impact damage, structural components, raising systems, bolted/pinned connections, hose, pipe and equipment, corrosion issues and sheaves.

The e-training, based on the DSL training and qualification for API 4G Cat III and IV Drilling Structures Inspector, is meant to eliminate a proficiency gap in the drilling industry associated with drilling equipment maintenance.

To learn more, visit www.derricksl.com.