Lorentz is introducing a subsidiary business, Lorentz US Corp., to strengthen support for the United States market. The new company will serve as importer, warehouse, order fulfillment, training organization, sales and technical support for the U.S.

“Our pumps systems have been serving ranchers and rural homes for over 15 years,” says Bernt Lorentz, Lorentz CEO. “We are very excited about the next chapter of our success story in the U.S. We believe that making this investment in the market will be good for our partners and further develop this growing market segment.”

The company aims to increase the assistance it gives to partners through advice, business development, tools and products. Lorentz sells and services products through an international network of partners. The ultimate goal of the new branch is to blend Lorentz technology expertise with the local market knowledge of partners.

“We  are setting up a new local Lorentz company to build on the good work that has been done so far and to develop some new market segments, which are not yet established in the U.S.,”says Stephan Grinzinger, Lorentz global head of sales.

Lorentz manufactures a range of solar pumps. The company has an integrated software suite handling lead management, system sizing, planning, configuration, lifetime management and monitoring. To learn more, go to www.lorentz.de.