Pile Dynamics has unveiled a new Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA) system, the PDA-8G, for dynamic load tests of deep foundations.

Pile Dynamics Analyzer
The new PDA-8G is lighter and more ergonomic than earlier models. Source: Pile Dynamics

The system redesign takes data collected by sensors at each impact and can calculate more than 230 quantities, including bearing capacity. Its SiteLink technology, which sends data from the field to the office in real time, is more user friendly than the previous PDA model. The tablet-like gadget is thinner than its predecessor and features a high visibility touch screen display.

The 8th generation PDA, like its predecessors, performs a test normalized by the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) standard D4945. The test, a widely accepted alternative to static load tests, occurs during pile driving or when a lot of mass impacts a non-driven pile.

Of great value to those who test large diameter shafts, the PDA-8G is offered with either four or eight universal channels of data acquisition. The channels are compatible with wireless and cabled sensors. The speed at which data travels from the sensors to the PDA is useful for test piles driven with high blow rate hydraulic hammers.

All PDA systems include licenses of CAPWAP, of the GRLWEAP Wave Equation Analysis software and of the complete PDA software suite.

For more information, go to www.pile.com/tip.