Hammer Drilling Rigs is launching new portable hydraulic power units.

The modular design makes several sizes and configurations possible, including open skid frame design and fully enclosed units with sound insulation, towing kit and drip tray choices. The power units couple easily with various hydraulic machinery.


  • 70 horsepower to 250 horsepower diesel engine options
  • Hydraulic power take-off from single, tandem or triple hydraulic pumps
  • 93-gallon (350-liter) hydraulic tank; 180-gallon tank optional
  • 26-gallon (100-liter) diesel tank; 50-gallon tank optional
  • Oil cooler as standard; double cooler available
  • Designed to run cool in ambient temperatures up to 120 F (50 C)
  • Four lifting points
  • Fork lift pockets
  • Four tie down points
  • Towing kit (15 mph maximum)

Hammer Drilling Rigs, based in Charlotte, N.C., brings together almost 40 years of drilling experience and design expertise. It manufactures cost effective drilling equipment and supplies it to markets worldwide. For details, visit www.hammerdrillingrigs.com