Doosan Portable Power has unveiled its latest portable air compressor, the P250/HP210 Tier 4 Final. The company says this “two-in-one” model is the only compressor on the market to offer a 210 cfm high-pressure mode.

“With the P250/HP210, Doosan is responding to market demand for air compressors that can deliver increased airflow,” says Jeremy Bailey, Doosan Portable Power air products manager. “It provides the flexibility to perform a variety of applications with one machine. Customers who need an air compressor for sandblasting, construction or pneumatic tool operation will seek out the increased airflow that the P250/HP210 can provide.”

The company says the latest model delivers pressure and flow typically supplied by two units in a single air compressor. The P250/HP210 replaces the P250/HP185 in the Doosan air compressor lineup. The new model delivers 250 cfm of air at 100 psi in low-pressure mode, and 210 cfm of air at 150 psi in high-pressure mode.

Doosan says the P250/HP210 can run eight hours at 100-percent load on low-pressure mode and nine hours at 100-percent load on high-pressure mode. The extended runtime is achieved with a 34.5-gallon fuel tank. Despite the larger fuel tank, the company says the P250/HP210 is the same compact size as its predecessor model, the P250/HP185, and its working weight is 8 percent lighter.

The P250/HP210 cold starts in temperatures as low as -10 degrees Fahrenheit, which is 20 degrees colder than competing air compressor brands. Due to its advanced cooling system, its limiting ambient temperature (LAT) is 120 degrees Fahrenheit on low-pressure mode and 118 degrees Fahrenheit on high-pressure mode — making the machine one of the most reliable air compressors in the industry.

To simplify maintenance, the P250/HP210 has new, convenient curbside discharge valves and cooler clean-out ports, with best-in-class cooler access. All its filters are readily accessible and clearly marked, and diagnostic connections are also easier to reach.

Doosan backs the P250/HP210 with multiple warranties, including a 1-year/2,000-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty; a 2-year/4,000-hour airend warranty; and a 5-year, 10,000-hour Doosan extended warranty contingent on the use of genuine Doosan fluids and filters, and service at prescribed intervals.

Doosan Portable Power has a network of more than 350 dealer locations in North America offering equipment, service and support. The company’s product line includes generators, air compressors, light towers and light compaction equipment. Doosan Portable Power is headquartered in West Fargo, North Dakota, with manufacturing operations in Statesville, North Carolina. For more information about Doosan Portable Power, visit