Austin, Texas’ Oilfield Intel now offers reports on a variety of data related to oil and gas wells to people working in that sector.

The company says the information includes production data, well-header details, pipeline details, permit filings and lease ownership. It says the reports on its website are accessible to exploration companies, wildcatters and geologists in under four clicks.

"Oil and gas data may seem like something that's just 'nice-to-have,' but it is often what separates the profitable ventures in the oilfield from the unprofitable ones," says Brad Smith, vice president of operations. "To know what your neighbors are producing in a given field, where pipelines are being run to or from, or who's drilling where is crucial."

Oilfield Intel says oil and gas industry professionals are among the fastest growing segments of consumers for data and data products, including seismic processing and GIS assets. The company says its service can help small- to medium-sized operators compete with bigger players in the industry.

"It lets you see how your own production is stacking up, but it also lets you know where you should be looking,” Smith said. “You've always got to be looking ahead."

Oilfield Intel started with funding from an Austin-based investor, and it has partnered with Pipeline Perfect LLC and Blackbeard Data Services LLC to assemble and provide pipeline and lease information. For more information, visit