Keller Group, an international ground engineering specialist, announced that it has been awarded a contract worth $41 million in connection with Seattle’s Elliott Bay seawall project.

The project involves the repair and replacement of a large section of seawall along Seattle’s downtown waterfront, a popular tourist area. Constructed between 1911 and 1936, the seawall has deteriorated over time, making it vulnerable to storm and earthquake damage.

Using their advanced jet grouting technology, Keller will construct a grid of approximately 5,500 large diameter soilcrete columns, at depths up to 26 meters, to provide seismic stability and foundation support for the new seawall. To work around existing timber piles, they will employ a process of dynamic planning to survey pre-drilled holes, identify obstructions and revise the grid pattern as the work proceeds.

A test program is expected to begin this March, then the work will be carried out over three years and avoiding the main periods of tourism.

Justin Atkinson, Keller chief executive, commented: “Keller has a long track record of successfully completing very large specialty grouting projects in difficult environments around the world. At Elliott Bay, the particular challenges associated with constructing jet grouted columns around existing timber piles add complexity to this contract, which plays to our strengths.

“Increasing our participation in large and complex projects remains one of our key aims, and we are delighted to have been selected to work on the Elliott Bay seawall project.”

Keller offers the construction and civil engineering sectors a variety of ground engineering services. It has more than $2 billion in annual revenue and about 7,000 employees worldwide. For more information about Keller Group,