The Mirror newspaper in the UK reports on an interesting twist in the tactics of anti-fracking protestors: glue.

A pair of protestors outside the IGas facility in Barton Moss, Greater Manchester, stopped traffic when they superglued themselves into a car blocking the only entrance. The women stuck a large block of concrete through a hole cut in the bottom of a Ford Escort, presumably so it couldn’t easily get towed. They then superglued themselves to the concrete block.

The extreme tactic failed to tie things up too long. Police had them removed and the car towed within a few hours (though the story fails to mention how officers separated them from the block). The pair were charged with willful obstruction of a public highway.

A statement from one of the women said, “I have taken action today because, from water contamination to air pollution and huge amounts of waste, there are so many problems with fracking.”

It’s not the first time a protest at this site has involved superglue. The Mirror also reported a protestor recently superglued her hands to the gates of the facility.

 The cost of policing at the protest site has cost taxpayers almost $500,000.