In the United Kingdom, Vibro Projects and Menard have joined forces with the formation of a new company, VibroMenard, which will target major ground improvement work. VibroMenard's first project is a year-long effort in which vibro-compaction ground improvement works are being carried out on dredged granular fill at London Gateway Port in Essex.

Following a successful trial earlier this year, VibroMenard is improving more than 1.3 million cubic meters of sand and gravel to form new land behind the port's 4,125-foot-long quay wall.

The newly formed company will carry out a total of 4,220 sand compaction points, between 65 feet and 82 feet deep, to achieve a relative density of 65 percent, and a 37-degree angle of shearing resistance.

To date, VibroMenard has completed the bulk of this work, using double and single shifts, and is due to complete the current phase soon.

Menard is one of the world's leading ground improvement contractors, and brings a number of techniques not currently offered by Vibro Projects in the UK, including controlled modulus columns, vacuum consolidation, deep stone columns, deep band drains, vibro compaction, high energy dynamic compaction and dynamic replacement. Based in Preston, in the northwest of England, alongside Vibro Projects, VibroMenard will focus on larger-scale ground improvements contracts.