Schramm, together with GenNx360 Capital Partners, has acquired Air Drill Hammers and Bits Pty Ltd., a manufacturer of drilling equipment like hammers and percussion bits for mineral exploration and mining.

“The combination of Schramm and Air Drill brings together a long-standing partnership which has delivered innovation, service and the highest quality products to our customers in the mining exploration and oil & gas drilling industries,” said Edward Breiner, Schramm’s president and CEO. “We look forward to continuing to raise our performance together and deliver outstanding products and services on a global scale.”

The deal also includes Air Drill’s Australian sister company, Air Drill Pty Ltd. For more than 23 years, that company has been the exclusive distributor for Schramm’s top-drive drill rigs in Australia.

“This is an exciting opportunity to bring together two companies that complement each other to provide an exceptional platform to meet the growing demands of our customers,” said Andrew Gilbert, CEO of Air Drill.

Together, the companies plan to deepen their commitment to supplying customers in mineral exploration, coal gas drilling and water well drilling.

Air Drill Hammers and Bits manufactures hammers and percussion bits for RC applications in Australia, southeast Asia, Africa and South America. For more information, visit or

 Schramm Inc. is an API-Q1, ISO-9001:2008 certified manufacturer of mobile, land-based hydraulic drill rigs for applications including energy, minerals, geothermal and water well drilling. Schramm rigs are made in the U.S. and in use in more than 80 countries. For more information, visit