BSP International Foundations announced a range of new lightweight piling hammers to complement its existing stable of tooling for marine and land applications.

The LX range includes three models, which the company says "provide greater stability to piling rigs, especially in applications where greater reach is required." The LX30, LX40 and LC50 hammers are designed to drive steel, concrete or timber.

Each of the three hammers offer operators full control of stroke and blow rate, precision pairing of energy delivery to specific pile jobs and efficient hydraulics to lower energy and running costs. BSP says the company's gone through great lengths to optimize power to weight ratio so that contractors get high impact from a shorter hammer design. In addition, the cylinder, dropweight connection and shock absorber all feature ready access for easy maintenance. LX hammers work with a single-acting hydraulic system for an equivalent stroke of 800 mm, or fitted with a double-acting cylinder for an equivalent stroke of 1.2 meters.

BSP also offers a range of drive caps and pile helmets for the LX line.

The company, based in Ipswich, England, sells hammers from the backhoe-mounted BH120 to the heavy-duty CGL models to suit a variety of piling applications. BSP hammers range in dropweights from 100 kilograms to 40 tons. BSP introduced its first hydraulic hammer in the 1970s, but has developed steam, air and diesel power hammers for civil engineering work for more than 100 years. For details, visit