Australian company Downhole Surveys says its new Azimuth Aligner can cut the time aligning a drilling rig from an hour and a half to just five minutes.

Downhole Surveys recently shipped their first Azimuth Aligners to the United States. They went to work on a project in Miami. Civil engineers on the Port of Miami Tunnel working on emergency access points used Azimuth Aligners to assist in setup of rigs on each of 100 freeze grout holes, ensuring that the bores were parallel.

The company says success there and on other projects has drillers calling the Azimuth Aligner a “must have” device for civil engineering projects where drill hole alignment is critical.

The Azimuth Aligner displays direction and dip, and attaches to the rig at setup, reducing the need for surveyors to align it and conduct checks and rechecks of that alignment. The device can be operated by the driller without technical supervision, increasing jobsite efficiency and productivity.

Downhole Surveys Managing Director Mike Ayris says the efficiencies can result in hundreds of millions in savings each year across the drilling industry. He says every drilling and mining company could benefit from the reduced time spent on alignment.

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