Boart Longyear has launched the LS600 sonic rig, support vehicle and sonic tooling. The LS600 rig is engineered to deliver more accurate core sampling, less than one-percent hole deviation, reduced waste and faster penetration than conventional methods. Its applications include the environmental, geo-technical / geo-construction, water and mining markets.

The LS600 incorporates sonic frequencies that match the resonant energy of the ground, allowing the core barrel to easily advance in unconsolidated and difficult overburden formations. During drilling, boreholes are cased continuously by first allowing the core barrel to advance into the substrate, followed by the outer casing. This protective measure allows for the accurate measurement of continuous in-situ core samples, even in varying ground conditions. No fluid, air or mud is needed, and the LS600 can reach a drilling depth of up to 600 feet. Sonic rig tooling and accessories are sold with the LS600, and leasing options are available.

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