Agreenability says its new Twister product represents a breakthrough in vertical bore heat exchanger technology.
The Twister-made for both residential and commercial heating cooling-allows the simultaneous installation of four loops in a single vertical bore, giving greater efficiency for the user and lower costs for installers.
“This is a significant improvement for geothermal heat pumps,” said Robert Jensen, who led development of the Twister as Agreenability’s president and CEO.  “… Contractors and well drillers, initially in New Jersey and surrounding markets, can reduce the cost of installing a geothermal loop field by 20% and cut by 30% the amount of drilling required.”
Agreenability is based at the Business Accelerator at New Jersey’s Bergen Community College.
Twister uses ¾-inch ASTM D3035/D3350 Cell Classification 445574C SDR 11 or 13.5 HDPE (IGSHPA requirement) pipe spirally wound around a central 2-inch pipe used to guide the Tremie pipe.  Twister comes on coils or reels with factory prepared U-fittings for quick and easy installation.
“Twister uses standard methods for installation,” added Jenson, an engineer with extensive experience in profile extrusion, injection molding and other forms of plastics fabrication.  “So there are no complications surrounding warranties, state/association approvals or learning new installation techniques.”
Agreenability welcomes inquiries from geothermal designers and installers for its Preferred Partnering program. Partners will enjoy special pricing. For more information, visit Agreenability at, or contact