Myers Bro. Drilling Contractors Inc. announced this month that Dana Flexman has joined the company’s ownership ranks, a first in the company’s 129 year history. Flexman is also the first of the Myer family’s fifth generation to take an ownership role.

“I am very honored to be part of a family business that has been around for this long and to be the first female stock holder in the company’s history,” Flexman said.
Flexman has served the company since 1987, and works now as office manager. As she steps into her new role her father, Paul Myers, retires after 56 years with the Salunga, Pa., company.
Myers Bros. was founded in 1884 by Edward G. Myers, and today continues to prosper as members of the fourth and fifth generation lead the company. The company specializes in quarry drilling, environmental monitoring, geothermal, pump work and water well drilling, and boasts some of the most sophisticated drilling equipment in the industry.

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