The MC-F 04.1 can perform micropiling, anchoring and ground consolidation work.

New Jersey-based Hammer & Steel now sells and rents the Comacchio MC Line, the manufacturer’s basic line of multi-use rigs for ground consolidation, anchor drilling, geotechnical, water well drilling and geothermal energy applications.
Comacchio, which is based in Italy, makes a range of rigs for the small- and medium-sized drilling market. Rigs in Camocchio’s MC Line include:
  • MC-F 04.1: A hydraulic crawler-mounted rig with rotary and rotary percussive drilling systems. The MC-F 04.1 is designed for specialized civil engineering such as micropiles, anchors and ground consolidations.
  • MC 602: A hydraulic crawler-mounted drilling rig for small- and medium-sized drilling projects, including foundation jobs in narrow and hard to access areas.
  • MC 800: A medium-sized hydraulic crawler-mounted rotary percussive drill rig suitable for specialized civil engineering as well as environmental soil investigations and core drilling.
  • MC 1200: A hydraulic crawler-mounted drill rig with rotary and/or rotary percussive drilling system. The MC 1200 can perform micropile, anchoring and ground consolidation work, as well as environmental soil investigations and core drilling. The MC 1200, like the MC 602, is ready for drilling in limited-access areas.
Hammer & Steel has a full lineup of pile driving equipment, drill rig tooling, drill rigs, piling rigs, monitoring devices and other equipment. It also offers used pile driving equipment, as well as steel piling products. The company, which has headquarters in St. Louis, maintains locations in California, Florida, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey and Texas.
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