Fun facts about select topics in this issue of National Driller.


The number of pilings Sidd & Associates is drilling each day in Seaside Heights, N.J., to create a foundation for a new boardwalk for the tourist destination (page 10). The borough’s boardwalk was destroyed last year by Hurricane Sandy. Source: Sidd & Associates


The maximum payload weight, in pounds, of a helicopter ferrying a rig and other tools to a remote drilling site in Oregon’s Eagle Cap Wilderness Area. Contributor Steve Kaser describes the tricky job at Minam River Lodge (page 20). Source: Steve Kaser


The approximate weight in pounds of a wire-line cutting outfit used in fishing for cable tools. Columnist John Schmitt (page 28) recommends that fisherman going after stuck tools rig up that outfit, but make sure the reel will handle that weight with plenty to spare. Source: John Schmitt


The success rate, out of 10, of wildcat oil wells in the wake of newer technologies like seismic surveys, according to columnist Wayne Nash (page 38). He writes this month about Oil Wells 101. Source: Wayne Nash


The size, in microns, of most oil film. Puradyn, a maker of high-tech oil filters, says its products filter out 70 percent of particulates below 1 micron (page 32), giving it an edge over traditional oil filters. Source: Puradyn