Sonic Drill Corp. has won a national competition for the “best new drilling technology.” The competition, hosted by the Canadian GeoExchange Coalition, examined a variety of geothermal drilling technologies.

In particular, the competition solicited entries for technologies that could accomplish small-diameter borehole drilling as affordably as possible, and more quickly and cleanly. The jury for this competition consisted of geo-exchange industry stakeholders, technology commercialization specialists and researchers.

The $10,000 top prize was awarded to Sonic Drill Corp., based on its submission, which was judged on the following:
  • ability to drive a 4 1⁄2-in.diameter-by-400-feet-deep borehole in less than 10 hours;
  • ability to drive boreholes as quickly as possible;
  • ability to safely drill in all conditions including rock, sand and through aquifers;
  • minimal mobilization and de-mobilization time; and
  • minimal damage/cleanup when working in mature subdivision lots that are fully landscaped.
The Canadian GeoExchange Coalition was created in 2003 as the initiative of the Canadian Electricity Association and industry stakeholders along with support from Natural Resources Canada’s Renewable Energy Deployment Initiative to foster development of the ground source heat pump industry in Canada.  ND