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Your Votes Are In

Reader response to the “Product Info” and “Product Showcase” departments over the past year has been measured, and in the January 2012 issue, we’ll be bringing you “The Best of 2011.” This special feature will present the products deemed most popular by fellow drillers and water systems professionals. This is a special opportunity to see what others in the industry think of various industry products – you can refresh your memory or discover something that you might have missed.

TEI Rock Drills' Open House

TEI Rock Drills held its annual open house Sept. 27-29 at its Montrose, Colo., headquarters. As per usual, it was as entertaining as it was edifying. We’ll have a full recap in next month’s issue.

NGWA's Board Candidates

Three candidates are seeking two spots on the National Ground Water Association (NGWA) board of directors, with the vote scheduled for Dec. 1 during NGWA’s 2011 Ground Water Expo and Annual Meeting in Las Vegas.

Terry Farago, vice president of Farago Drilled Wells in Plainfield, Wis., is an NGWA board director from 2008-2010. Farago has been an NGWA member for 21 years, and employed in the ground water industry for 41 years. He also has been on the Wisconsin Water Well Association board for 14 years, having served in all its officer positions.

Joseph “Augie” Guardino, general manager of Guardino Well Drilling Inc. in Morgan Hill, Calif., is a current member of the NGWA board of directors, and he is seeking a second three-year term. A member of NGWA for more than five years, and employed in the ground water industry for 12 years, Guardino is a past president of the California Groundwater Association.

Brian Lane, operations manager for Joe Samples Well Drilling Inc. in White Pine, Tenn., has been employed in the ground water industry for 20 years. Lane has been an NGWA member for seven years, and a member of the Tennessee Water Well Association board of directors for four years, currently serving as vice president.

ND's New Photo Galleries

We can’t invite all our readers into our living room to see slide shows of our latest trips across the country – we just don’t have enough watered-down punch and stale pretzels to accommodate everyone. So we’ve set up a Flickr page where you can check out some of the drilling industry action that you might have missed – or maybe there’s a picture of you to be found there. Go, and you’ll find photos from recent industry events. We’ll be updating this site often, and in the future, there will be a place where you can share your drilling-related photos as well. This promises to be a fun project, and we’ll keep you posted as the site grows on how you can participate.