There’s no place like GeoRanch for all things geothermal. It takes place May 10 in Waverly, Texas, and it’s Geo 101, master’s degree training and a jamboree all in one. Trenching, drilling, load-sizing and geo equipment expertise are what it’s all about. This event will deepen your geothermal knowledge substantially. It is a day full of food, fun and in-depth learning from industry professionals. The day consists of visiting nine different learning stations throughout the farm:
  • vertical drilling
  • loop and manifold installation
  • pond-loop applications
  • grouting procedures
  • circulation pumps
  • pipe-fusion techniques
  • flushing and purging
  • radiant floor heat
  • sales and economics
The cost is $50, and includes lunch, a t-shirt and materials. Clickhere to register.