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Rockmore's New Austrian Facility

Rockmore International, a leading global manufacturer of percussive rock drilling tools, has announced the opening of an additional manufacturing center. The $12 million-facility, located in Judenburg, Aus-tria, officially opened in January 2012. Along with its existing plant in the United States, this effectively doubles Rockmore’s production capacity.

“We are looking to the future of the industry and meeting the needs of our customers for the next 20 years,” says Pejman Eghdami, executive vice president of Rockmore International. “This new facility has streamlined and sped up our manufacturing process, making it possible to provide better and faster service, and an expanded line of products.”

Situated on a 5.2-acre site in a new industrial park, the new 81,000-square-foot facility features advanced heat-treatment equipment, automated CNC production machinery, and a state-of-the-art laboratory and testing facility. The new plant primarily manufactures drill rods for extension and tunneling drill rigs. Shank adapters, couplings and DTH bits also are manufactured in high volume. Production capacity initially is targeted at 15,000 units per month, and can exceed 20,000 units as required.

The building was designed with optimum manufacturing sequences in mind, making production streamlined and efficient. Each production line begins at the delivery and pre-material warehouse, proceeds through its production sequence, and ends at the dispatch warehouse, ready for shipment.

With an eye to the environment, this new plant conforms to the strictest European energy codes, and incorporates the latest energy-saving systems. For example, a closed-loop water recovery system utilizes the heated water generated by the production machinery to provide the heating and cooling function for the entire factory and offices.

“This new European facility is centrally located, with easy access to European markets, as well as emerging markets in Africa and Asia,” adds Eghdami. “We look forward to serving the growing rock drilling industry in these areas.”

Wastewater Conversion Prize

New Sky Energy, a leading innovator for clean chemistry solutions for wastewater and industrial applications, announced it was selected as the winner of the Wastewater Prize by Imagine H2O, a San Francisco-based, international nonprofit organization that supports entrepreneurs looking to turn water challenges into business opportunities.

“New Sky Energy is part of an emerging wave of new businesses that turn wastewater into an economic opportunity with ecological benefits,” says Imagine H2O’s Scott Bryan. “As the winner of our Early Revenue Track, New Sky demonstrated an intriguing technology with commercial promise.”

“It is a great honor to win the Imagine H2O Wastewater Prize and to receive this level of recognition from such a prestigious group of water industry experts,” says Deane Little, New Sky’s founder. “New Sky technology makes clean technology profitable by converting wastewater and CO2 into highly valuable chemicals, and the judges recognized the importance of our breakthrough work. The cash and services awarded by Imagine H2O will help New Sky accelerate its product development and transfer its technology into the hands of industrial and water treatment customers.”

New Sky Energy works with some of the largest and the most innovative energy, manufacturing and water treatment companies in the world to profitably reduce wastewater and CO2 emissions. New Sky technology converts industrial and agricultural wastewater and CO2 into high-value chemical products, including carbonates (e.g., soda ash, limestone), bases (e.g., caustic soda), and important industrial gases and acids, such as hydrogen and sulfuric acid. New Sky technology can be deployed at new plants or integrated into existing industrial and wastewater treatment facilities to produce highly valuable chemicals where they are needed – eliminating shipping and handling of chemicals. New Sky technologies allow customers to gain control over their supply chains, while cleaning up their industrial wastes and CO2 emissions.

On the Go? So Is National Driller

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Rock Drilling Innovation Honored

Vermeer Corp. was awarded the Joseph L. Abbott Jr. Innovative Product Award (New Installation Category) by the North American Society of Trenchless Technology (NASTT) at the 2012 No-Dig Show, held March 12-15 in Nashville, Tenn. Vermeer won the award for its D36x50R Series II Navigator HDD, equipped with the rock-focused MAGnum drilling system.

The system uses rapidly rotating magnets of alternating polarity within the carriage assembly, which generates a high-frequency percussive action to fracture and bore through tough formations, including solid rock.

“Vermeer is humbled to receive this award from NASTT,” says Dave Wisniewski, vice president of underground solutions for Vermeer. “We spent several years developing this new technology. It is true innovation for tomorrow’s jobsite challenges.”