Atlas Copco Construction Mining Technique USA LLC has announced that it is the distributor for MAI self-drilling anchors (SDA) in the USA. On Oct. 7, it was announced that Atlas Copco MAI GmbH had sold its business related to self-drilling anchors to Minova, a member of the Australian group Orica Ltd.

The U.S. market is one of the world’s leading markets for the MAI SDA product, and the new distributor arrangement with Minova will allow Atlas Copco to continue to provide product to its customer base at the same price levels and using the same part numbers as before the divestiture. Current stock will continue to be replenished at the current level, assuring a continued growth in Atlas Copco’s sales of MAI SDA.

“Our customers won’t notice any difference,” comments Doug Podraza, product manager of geotechnical consumables for Atlas Copco. “Atlas Copco and Minova have a strong working relationship globally. This relationship has allowed Atlas Copco to become a supplier of many Minova products over the years. Atlas Copco looks forward to continuing to serve our MAI Bar Self Drilling Anchor customers.”

MAI self-drilling anchors are rock bolts that are primarily used in civil engineering applications. Atlas Copco will continue its rock bolting business through the manufacture and distribution of Swellex and Roofex rock bolts. Minova will act as a distributor in selected markets and applications for Swellex around the world.