American Granby Inc., Liverpool, N.Y., announces that its owner, John Lowe, acquired CB Supplies Ltd. in Canada and its affiliates, effective March 20, 2012.

The acquired assets include CB Supplies Ltd., Vanguard Pipe and Fittings Ltd., Canfit Industries Ltd., Canip Industries Ltd. and Seymour Industries Ltd. The five companies operate from four locations in Canada – Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal.

CB Supplies Ltd. manufactures and redistributes products to the residential and commercial plumbing and heating and HVAC markets throughout North America from its four locations.

It specializes in the manufacture of PEX tubing/pipe for the potable water and radiant heating markets through Vanguard Pipe and Fittings Ltd. The company also offers a wide variety of copper fittings, tubing and pipe, malleable iron pipe fittings, steel pipe nipples and refrigeration fittings for these markets.

John Lowe, owner of American Granby Inc., Monarch McLaren, Toronto, and Monarch McLaren, Wisconsin, states that he is “proud to add the assets of CB Supplies Ltd. and its affiliates to our current holdings. CB Supplies has a long history in North America of providing high-quality plumbing and heating and HVAC products to the ResCom wholesaler. This acquisition complements our existing holdings, and allows for further penetration of water systems products across Canada and plumbing and heating products in the U.S.”

No changes are anticipated in the day-to-day management of the CB Supplies operation.