Many well drillers aren’t into technical electronic things, but I just have to tell about the iPhone’s Droids to be more specific.

My BlackBerry cellular phone was due for an upgrade as I knew the battery would be going soon. So I went to my cellular phone provider to look into a new phone. They introduced me to the new Droid phone. It’s not only a cellular phone, but it’s a text messenger,

voice mail, an address book, a camera, video camera, a calendar, an alarm clock and a timer; it also gets your emails, and current and predicted weather.

I was so impressed that I bought one. I had the provider assist me in setting it up. That’s when I found out that I also could send and receive my emails, and Google (by voice) businesses, addresses and get their phone numbers in an area that I was in at the time.

The Droids also function as a GPS. Using the “Navigation” application that also is installed, you can say the address you want to go to (or use the address in your address book), and it will bring up a map with turn-by-turn directions by voice and on screen.

With the included apps (applications), you have a calculator; a notebook, a FM radio, sports and scores, a password keeper; you can access YouTube and an Internet browser. If there is a need, there probably is an app for it – most times for free. There’s a free application to use your phone as a level or an inclinator. There’s also an application to access Walgreen’s where you can shop or order medication refills. I even can access Cycle Stop Valves’ Web site.

A Droid even can be set up as a wireless device so that you can use your phone as a WiFi device to connect your computer wirelessly to the Internet from the job site. However, there is a set-up fee and additional monthly charge for this service.

If you decide to purchase one, I recommend that you get one from a service provider that has an in-house consultant who will set up your phone and be willing to assist you from time to time when you have questions or need help in setting up a new application.

The day after I purchased my Droid, I took my son, Piglet, into the provider, and purchased him a phone exactly like mine. This way, I have an in-house phone consultant. I tell Piglet what I want to do with my phone, let him figure it out on his, and then do the same thing to mine. Then, if he can’t do it, we both go to the service provider consultant for his help. We made several trips to begin with, but now we have to go
less and less.

One evening, while in the living room, Piglet and I were studying what else we could do with our phones when Bess asked, “What am I going to have to do to get into this conversation? Send you guys a text message?”

I had no idea a cellular phone could do so many other things. I am impressed with the Droid phones. I think every driller, drill manager or engineer should have one. It’s new technology and not that hard to learn how to use; if Porky can learn to use one, almost anyone can.