APEC Water Systems currently is accepting applications from people and families who are in need of a drinking water purification system. The Free Drinking Water donation program is looking to help disadvantaged people who are suffering from both financial and medical difficulties, and are in need of a reverse osmosis water filtration.

Tap water often includes chemicals such as chlorine, chloramines and fluoride, which are substances that can be toxic to human health at high levels of concentration. For people who are sick and undergoing medical treatment, even low levels of these chemicals in their water can have a negative effect on their weakened immune systems and compromise their recovery. Unfortunately, many people do not have the means to remove these chemicals from their tap water, while others are forced to purchase bottled water, which can be expensive and contributes to plastic waste pollution. A better solution would be to install a quality water filter that would provide sick people with affordable drinking water that protects their health and the environment.

APEC’s Free Drinking Water program will offer several new water filtration systems a month, every month, to qualified applicants throughout the end of the year. Treatment solutions that are available include reverse osmosis systems, whole-house carbon filters, countertop filters, iron removal systems and UV water purifiers.

“It has long been a dream of ours to be able to provide this type of donation program,” says Ed Shih, marketing manager at APEC. “As a small company, we are very grateful to have the opportunity to share our expertise, products and services with those who are in need. We believe that clean drinking water is fundamental to peoples’ health, and would like to sincerely and humbly welcome all applicants who are interested in the program.”

The Free Drinking Water program is open to all residences within the 48 contiguous states. Full details, eligibility requirements and application forms are available to the public atwww.freedrinkingwater.com/charity.htm