The National Ground Water Association (NGWA) will offer a new training experience for environmental field personnel, drilling contractors and water well inspectors Oct. 26-28 at Southwest Mississippi Community College in Summit, Miss.

 The “Ground Water Technology Field Experience” features a combination of classroom instruction and field exercises to provide those entering the industry, or needing a refresher, a comprehensive understanding of ground water, drilling operations, proper well construction, monitoring well construction and environmental sampling. 

 The curriculum will offer maximum opportunities for hands-on experience and interacting with others also engaged in the ground water industry. Safe practice will be featured throughout the program as an integral part of industry training.

 Participants will learn:
  • How to design and construct water supply and monitoring wells
  • How downhole cameras can be an effective diagnostic tool
  • Proper grouting methods
  • How to conduct a pumping test
  • How to log a well and interpret the log
  • How to develop wells in a variety of formations
  • Proper water sampling and preservation.
The program is divided into three tracts: 1) environmental field technician, 2) traditional and geothermal drilling and 3) well inspection. There will be group sessions involving all three tracts, as well as operations designed solely for each interest area. To learn more about the field experience, visit, or call 800-551-7379.