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Be Sure to Get Your Share

The recently enacted stimulus package puts a premium on “green spending,” and that’s a huge plus for drilling contractors and water industry professionals. Big-time funding is going to infrastructure projects – highways, bridges, dams, etc. – and drill rigs will be in demand. Water systems – drinking water, wastewater, desalination, etc. – also will be getting a lot of attention. And if anyone still is ignoring the geothermal market, there are no excuses anymore.

The money will be doled out through organizations such as the Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, HUD, the Department of Agriculture, and the Department of Energy. It’s out there, so get while the getting’s good.

The good folks at ITT have published a white paper, “The Most Important Things You Need to Know About the Stimulus Package,” and you can access it at

Exploration Drilling Difficulties

In Colorado, state House lawmakers have decided to implement more stringent drilling rules for companies searching for oil and gas, and the state Senate is expected to approve the measures. Not surprising in these partisan times, the tougher rules are being championed by Democrats wanting to save the planet, and not at all pleased are the Republicans, who lament the loss of profits and jobs in our current economic situation. Surely, there is room to move on both sides. Good luck with that one.

Reconstruction Opportunities

The National Disaster Reconstruction Conference & Expo (NDRExpo) has announced that registration for its educational programs now is available online.  The conference, which takes place June 17-18 in New Orleans, features experts who will address disaster preparation, response, repair, remediation and restoration.

“The NDR Conference will present new and exciting business opportunities to attendees,” says conference director Jimmy Mouton.  “At a time when normal business activity is curtailed, disaster services are still booming. Every time a business or homeowner experiences a fire, flood, tornado, hurricane, water leak, mold, asbestos claim, sick building, or bio hazard, lucrative business opportunities are created for those ready to address the problems.”

The conference schedule is posted on, and continues to grow as additional presenters are added.  For more information on the conference or expo, telephone Mouton at 770-645-0046.

Septic Tank Brouhaha

The California Water Resources Control Board had proposed some hard-core and heavy-handed restrictions on septic tanks and private water wells that went over like a lead balloon. As is too often the case in these types of situations, politicians came up with a way to turn common sense on its head and cost taxpayers money. Luckily, common sense has prevailed – for now.

“There was a lot of heat on this,” says Mike Mortensson, executive director of the California Groundwater Association. “We sent a letter to the board telling them they need to go back to square one, and they have decided to redo the regulations. It’s pretty much on hold right now while they go back to the drawing board. They recognized that what came out of their original plans was not going to work.”

Infinity Tool Manufacturing's Grand Opening

Partners and co-owners of Infinity Tool Manufacturing, Todd Taylor and Kenny Sentel, hosted an open house on March 24.  With potential dealers, current clients, community leaders, friends and family attending, everyone got the opportunity to view the products on display.

Infinity Tool manufactures a complementary line of products for the horizontal directional drilling industry. “We are using brand new state of the art machinery to manufacture DTH (down the hole) hammer bits, PDC (polycrystalline diamond cutters) bits, cross over sub adapters and also provide custom machining,” says Taylor.

Sentel says the hammer bits vary in size. “We manufacture anything from a 3-inch to a 12-inch bit, and have standard industry shanks and various formations available,” he notes. “Our steel-body PDC bits range in size from 43⁄4-inches to 121⁄4-inches,” he says. “We offer fixed or interchangeable nozzles, and various formations are available. We also do custom machining.”

Taylor says the local manufacturing operation carries a lot of experience. “Infinity Tool Manufacturing has more than 50 years of combined experience in the drilling industry, and takes pride in providing a quality product,” he explains. “We take every step possible to provide the very best customer service.”

Sentel says Infinity Tool Manufacturing serves a large dealer network. “Our new location is everything I hoped it would be,” he beams. “We are proud to ship our products to many countries around the world, and will do our very best to accommodate your request.”

Infinity’s headquarters is located at 11648 Skylane Drive in Benton, Ill. “We welcome those with mining, oil and water well drilling operations and questions to contact us toll-free by dialing 888-838-6657 or through,” Taylor offers.

Landdrill Appointments

Landdrill International Inc., Moncton, New Brunswick, has named John Martin and Frank Smeenk to its board of directors, and accepted the resignation of director James Day.

Sign of the Times

In a recent Web poll at, we asked, “What is the current employee situation at your drilling company?”

The results:
  • We’re adding staff – 11.88%
  • We’re staying the same – 33.66%
  • Unfortunately, we’ve had to lay off some employees – 54.46%