Ground water industry professionals can increase their remediation technology knowledge in two different National Ground Water Association short courses taking place this spring.

"Environmental Isotopes in Ground Water Resources and Contaminant Hydrogeology," taking place March 23-24 in New Orleans, covers the basics of isotope hydrology and how this methodology may be used to solve various hydrogeological problems related to ground water resource and ground water quality issues. Environmental consultants, water supply engineers and administrators, and regulatory personnel alike will benefit from course.

In Providence, Rhode Island, the course "Estimating Times of Remediation Associated with Monitored Natural Attenuation and Contaminant Source Removal," also taking place March 23-24, will explain to regulators, site remedial project managers, engineers, scientists, and hydrologists, how aquifer systems contaminated with chlorinated ethenes or petroleum hydrocarbons may be restored using monitored natural attenuation, particularly when combined with certain source zone treatment technologies.

For more information on either of these NGWA short courses, visit, or call 800-551-7379.