The National Ground Water Research and Educational Foundation recently announced a $5,000 gift to support the group’s 2013 Darcy Lecture Series in Groundwater Science.
Integral Consulting Inc., a science and engineering firm offering services in the fields of health, the environment, technology and sustainability, provided the underwriting.
"This generous contribution by Integral Consulting Inc. marks the first time the cost of the Darcy Lecture Series has been partially underwritten by an entity outside our foundation. We are extremely pleased and grateful for Integral's generosity and commitment to the furtherance of groundwater science," said Kevin McCray, CAE, chief executive officer of the National Ground Water Association and liaison to NGWREF.
This year’s lecturer is David L. Rudolph, Ph.D., PE, a geological engineer and professor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Waterloo. His expertise includes regional hydrogeology and groundwater protection and management.
Upcoming lectures will be hosted in Lawrence, Kan., and Golden, Colo. For a full schedule, visit
The Darcy series of lectures began in 1986 as a way to broaden interest in groundwater science and technology. It is named for Henry Darcy, a Frenchman whose 1856 research changed the way in which groundwater hydrogeology is studied. The lectures-traditionally funded solely and NGWREF-have reached more than 85,000 students, faculty members and professionals in the groundwater field since their inception.

The NGWREF, founded in 1994, is the charitable arm of the National Ground Water Association. It is focused on conducting educational, research and other activities that promote a broader understanding of groundwater use and access. NGWA is a nonprofit that supports responsible development, management and use of water resources. It’s comprised of groundwater professionals ranging from contractors to equipment manufacturers to scientists and engineers.