Grundfos pumps help create a winter wonderland - in the most unlikely of places.

Dubai is the second largest of the United Arab Emirates, and is becoming increasingly popular as both a vacation destination - more than 6.1 million tourists visited in 2005 - and as one of the latest hot spots for purchasing real estate.

As tourism now plays such a major role in the country's economy, it has had the spin-off effect of an increased demand for leisure facilities, including the new 6.5 million square-foot retail and leisure resort - Mall of the Emirates. Along with 400 retail outlets, the resort boasts a host of leisure activities, including, perhaps most surprisingly, Ski Dubai - the first indoor ski complex in the Middle East.

Maintaining the snow dome and its 242,200 square feet, complete with chair lifts, requires 6,000 tons of snow. In this part of the world, temperatures regularly hit 115 degrees F and above. Therefore, the role of maintaining the chilled-water temperature is a challenging job - one met by the Grundfos single-stage end-suction centrifugal pump families. These pumps provide the capacity audience of 1,500 with a ski adventure they would have to travel many thousands of miles to experience otherwise.

The solution provided by Grundfos included pumps specifically built to requirements, complete with seals capable of operating at temperatures consistently at -13 degrees F.