Speed up hole production with the Schramm T450WS Rotadrill equipped with enhanced pipe handling. More versatile and productive than ever, the Schramm T450WS Rotadrill is now available with even more highly productive, labor saving features and accessories to improve your bottom line. Enhanced pipe handling features include a lazy susan carousel for 12 pieces of 41⁄2” or 15 pieces of 31⁄2” OD 20' or 25' drill pipe, hands free arm style pipe spinner, angled side pipe rack for 12 pieces of 41⁄2” or 20 pieces of 31⁄2” OD drill pipe, 15,000 lb heavy winch, sliding top head and radio remote winch and jib boom controls. To benefit from these enhanced pipe handling features and speed up your hole production telephone 610-696-2500, e-mail schramm@schramminc.com or visit website www.schramminc.com. Schramm Inc., Card No. 314