GE Water & Process Technologies will invest $82 million over the next 10 years to establish a world-scale research and development center in Singapore.

Comprising five Centers of Excellence, this R&D center will employ 100 top-tier researchers who will build up a full range of research and development capabilities, and transform innovative concepts into products and solutions that will address real world demands.

“Our decision to invest in Singapore is due to the strong commitment from the government in developing the water industry. This, coupled with the easy availability of skilled manpower and the strong enforcement of intellectual property rights regulations makes Singapore the ideal platform to launch this R&D center,” says GE's Jeff Garwood.

Teo Ming Kian, chairman of Singapore's Economic Development Board, says, “GE's decision to site the Global Water R&D Center in Singapore marks a very significant milestone for the water industry here. Singapore has identified the water industry as a strategic growth area, and our goal is to develop a vibrant ecosystem with many water players, both foreign and local, establishing their bases here.”

Hosted at the National University of Singapore (NUS), the new research center will leverage on the university's comprehensive research infrastructure in engineering, science and medicine. The center will conduct research aimed at alleviating pressing water issues, related to quality, availability and the affordability of safe, usable water supplies. Specific areas of research include water treatment and systems integration, fundamental chemical and membrane applications and ion-exchange technology.

Professor Shih Choon Fong, NUS president, says “NUS is privileged to be chosen to host GE Water's R&D Center. I see this initiative facilitating interaction between GE's leading scientists and our researchers and students, enhancing the vibrancy of our research environment and capabilities.”

NUS's research strengths in membranes, biological processes, nanomaterials, catalysis and sensors related to water security, will complement GE's technical expertise and industry experience in water and process technologies.