The Resources Drilling and Blasting Program at Sir Sandford Fleming College's School of Environmental and Natural Resource Science is announcing the addition of Horizontal Directional Drilling as a new core drilling subject in its two-year program. This new course will be added to the existing core drilling subjects which include: Blasting, Blasthole Drilling, Geotechnical Drilling, Environmental Drilling, Rotary Drilling Systems, Waterwell Drilling, and Diamond Core Drilling. The addition of this course was made possible by the generous support of Ron MacLellen of Brandt Industries and Ditch Witch Ontario for equipment and technical support. For more information, contact Gord Bailey, coordinator, Resources Drilling and Blasting Program, 200 Albert Street South, Box 8000, Lindsey, Ontario K9V 5E6 or 705-324-4572, ext. 3350.