Drilling Technique LTD is pleased to announce that Cleon Godard has joined the company and will assume dual responsibilities as both manager of DTL's new piling division and national sales manager. Godard has filled numerous roles in the drilling and piling industries, and he has over 30 years experience.

As manager of DTL's new piling division, Godard will be introducing the Muller line of vibratory piling equipment from ThyssenKrupp and the Boart-Longyear line of hydraulic excavator attachments to North America. DTL recently was selected by these companies to represent these lines of equipment.

Muller vibratory hammers are a market leader in Europe, but have not had representation in North America until now. After visiting the Muller factory in Germany, Godard stated, "The advanced technology designed into the Muller line of vibratory piling equipment improves performance and lengthens unit life and is going to be very welcome to North American contractors." Likewise, the Boart-Longyear excavator attachments have been well accepted in other markets for the last 10 years, and now North American contractors will have the opportunity to utilize this technology.

Drilling Technique was founded in 1989 and since has continuously introduced new drilling technology and grout systems to the North American market. DTL sells, rents and services a diverse range of drilling equipment lines, and the HighShear line of colloidal grout systems is manufactured by DTL. The company has facilities in Lawrence, Pa., and Oakland, Calif., where they stock parts and accessories for all the equipment sold.