Pall Corp., East Hills, N.Y., and Aqua-Aerobic Systems Inc. of Rockford, Ill., have joined forces to supply new solutions to solve water/wastewater management concerns that are top priority issues for municipalities and industrial plants.

By combining Pall's expertise in filtration and separation processes with Aqua's advanced biological reactor designs, a new separations technology is now available to transform wastewater to clean water for reuse at a low cost. This process also increases the capacity of active wastewater treatment plants.

Wastewater passes directly to a bioreactor operating at a very high biomass concentration compared to conventional plants. This significantly reduces the physical size of the bioreactor. Further cost savings are realized by passing biomass directly to an advanced-design membrane stage which rejects suspended materials and biosolids. It provides effluent that exceeds current EPA guidelines for safe discharge and is intended for reclaiming water for industry and agricultural applications.

The integration of membrane and bioreactor is made user-friendly by mounting the membrane stage external to the reactor. This assures uniformity of flow to all membranes and makes servicing the system easier.