Editor Greg Ettling passes on some important industry information, as well as recent reader comments.

REICHdrill Watch Is On

We really thought we'd have something definitive at this juncture, but obviously the parties concerned want to use the appropriate amount of time in order to secure the best possible deal - on all sides. As of press time, REICHdrill Inc., Philipsburg, Pa., had not finalized a deal on a joint venture partner, merger candidate or buyer for the company. Ken Mann of Equity Partners, an investment banking firm retained by REICHdrill to help resolve the matter, told us at press time that there were three suitors looking at the situation. The strongest candidate was likely to make a decision by June 15. Two other possibilities in the wings were described as probably long shots. This being no small matter to the drilling industry, look to our Web site (www.drilleronline.com) for the latest info; when something breaks, we'll have it for you there immediately.

We've Got Mail

The Quest for Respect
Amen [to the article "Blue Collar Bias" by Jim Olsztynski (May '01)]. I'm a fifth generation father-and-son well driller, and a board of directors member of the Indiana Ground Water Association. I deliver a precious resource and feel that my prices are fair. But customers think Joe Blow from the other county who charges $3 an hour is providing the exact same service - I don't think so. We need to motivate ourselves to get the respect we deserve. Any suggestions?

Brent Klutz
Klutz Well Drilling Inc.
North Manchester, Ind.

This is one of the bigger issues facing the industry today, making it something that should be foremost in our minds every single day when dealing with clients and prospects (See last month's "For Openers" column.). It's a long haul and it won't be easy but the current climate will make those first steps a little easier. Consumer awareness is keen right now, providing a solid opportunity for professional contractors to be of great service and show the world the important role they play. It will require a sustained and concerted effort and National Driller will be there to help every step of the way.

Model Rigs Sought
I'm trying to find a toy/model of a drilling rig. I have seen them in the past, however, I haven't any idea where to even start looking for one. My husband has been in the drilling industry for 30 years, and I would like to surprise him with a miniature drill rig to add to his collection. If you know where I could even start I would sincerely appreciate any information.

A Driller's Wife

As a starting point, see the article "Drill Rig Toys." Some drill rigs were available at amazon.com; look under "toys for adults." Readers: If you can offer any further suggestions, kindly pass them along for us to forward. Thanks in advance for any help.