Editor Greg Ettling commends our readers for contributing to the magazine and encourages them to continue.

Keep Up the Good Work

Often in this space, I’ve implored our loyal readers to submit contributions to National Driller. From day one I’ve stressed that this is your magazine and that you should get more involved with it and its contents so that it best meets your needs and desires. Well, you’ve done that and we couldn’t be more delighted about it.

As is evidenced on this page, you’re sending in more letters to the editor – discussing a wide range of drilling- and ground water-related topics. We’ve had folks asking for the contractor profile forms; people are suggesting article topics; traffic at our Web site (www.drilleronline.com) is ever-increasing, especially for our interactive “Web Poll” section. Our salary survey is on the street (if you receive one, please take the few moments needed to respond), right on the heels of a very successful “Reader Preference” study that got a tremendous response. We’ll publish some of the highlights of that survey in an upcoming issue. We conducted a contractor roundtable session at the recent Michigan Ground Water Association convention. It was our first one and rather small, but it was almost as much fun as it was interesting and useful (another future article). We want to do more of them and obviously a key to a contractor roundtable is having contractors at the table.

Keep It Coming

If you send us a letter to the editor, we’ll publish it. If you complete a contractor profile form, we’ll run it. If you have an article idea, let us know – or maybe you should go ahead and write the article yourself. If you do, we’ll run it. Send us a note if you’d like to be included in contractor interview articles. Make your opinions count at our Web Poll.

Not only can you get more of what you want when you become involved, you can milk it for a little PR and marketing value. It doesn’t look too bad to have you or your firm featured in some way in – now say it with me – “The Best-read Publication in the Drilling Industry.”

And we have our own selfish reasons for wanting your input. The interaction energizes the editorial staff and enriches our relationship with the industry. Again, this is your magazine; we lowly editors simply sift through everything we dig up, deliver the stuff we think is most useful and try to make sure most of the words are spelled correctly. As an added bonus, anything you contribute is one less thing that we have to dig up. And, to be honest, you can tell by the above photo that the staff quickly wearies of looking at that face; they’d much rather work with someone else once in a while.